Monday, August 18, 2008

Seatbelt Allergies

Abby has been cracking us up lately saying some of the craziest things. The other day we were playing dollhouse, and she was letting the Grandma drive the car while sitting on top of it. I asked Abby is she was going to put the Grandma in the car to drive, and Abby told me that she couldn't. When I inquired a little more, I learned that the Grandma has "seatbelt allergies." Well, that explains it all. I think that's what I had as a kid because I never wore my seatbelt until I got my own driver's license. From that day on, I've gotten over my allergies.

Last week for some reason I decided that my very-gross-and-underloved minivan needed some TLC. So I told the girls that we were going to the carwash. Bad move. They both freaked out and explained how scared they were of car washes. Abby went on and on about it. Finally she said, "The carwash is like a pile of hurageous (humongous and outrageous mixed into one word) ghosts." I have no idea where my otherwise bright child got this expression, but she continued to say it over and over. So needless to say, my Sienna is sitting in the drive right now just as dirty as can be.

It was cute tonight in the car when Abby decided to be an empathetic big sister to Isabella. We're sitting at a light, and I hear Isabella say, "Abby, sometimes when I cut out pictures for my paper, I forget to glue them on." (Now let me preface this by saying that they had not been talking about gluing, pictures, or anything even remotely related at all. This was just what was on Isabella's mind at the moment.) So, Abby looks at her so seriously and says, "That's okay, Isabella. I understand. It'll be alright." Apparently it can be very devastating if you forget to glue. How cute!

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