Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fancy Nancy Mania

The Fancy Nancy mania continues in the Stine household, and the fever is spreading! Ali Kate is going around putting on Isabella's shoes and chanting, "Nancy Nancy." That's her version of Fancy Nancy. Isabella, of course, still insists on being called Fancy Nancy all the time. Tonight she wore a new princess nightgown, and she lit up with delight as she put on some dress-up shoes that "matched perfectly" as she so declared. She has dedicated the top drawer of her nightstand to her dress-up shoes. We're also halfway to earning her second pair of Fancy Nancy shoes. Can you guess which book she'll be getting for Christmas?

Abby can't stand this new obsession. She chants Isabella Grace on car rides while Isabella argues that her name is indeed Fancy Nancy. It makes for VERY long car rides! Very long! They argue back and forth about it. I think Abby is a little jealous since Fancy Nancy was originally her special book.

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