Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ABC Days

So we've been working on doing some homeschool type activities more frequently with Abby. We decided for a host of reasons not to put her in preschool this year, and I feel good about that (most of the time). I have small twinges of regret here and there, but deep down I believe we're doing the best thing for her. Anyway, our goal is to really learn about homeschool during this year while being intentional about teaching her kindergarten level things this year. We're of course working on perfecting our writing skills. To involve Isabella, we're doing a letter of the week. We do a craft, word searches, writing practice, and artwork involving the letter. Yesterday we painted cows for C week. That was fun.

Abby worked today on printing the number 4. It's a little challenging for her. She can use more practice for sure. She has discovered pencils with erasers and is delighted by erasers. Isn't that cute? That warms my schoolteacher heart. I showed her about a month ago how to use an eraser, and she loved it. I mean, loved it. So today I found her mistakenly writing fours so that she could erase and fix them. Talk about a big nerd! Just like her mom. She loves learning, and she loves school supplies too.

We've been working on early reading skills. We did -at words last week. We haven't done any this week....we've been busy with life! Hopefully we'll slow down soon....although I think it'll be more like in 20 years before I slow down.

Anyway, need to sleep....

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