Thursday, August 28, 2008

My two babies

Grant update: Little Man now weighs 16 whopping pounds. He's 3 months old now, and he's made it successfully through his colicky stage. Thank goodness! He has really been a much happier baby the last couple of weeks. Grant is cooing alot, and he smiles at everyone. He is a happy, content baby as long as his tummy is full. He's beginning to actually enjoy his tummy time, and he intently studies his toys now. He loves his big swing that Geez bought, and he watches the birds fly overhead with great enthusiasm. He's been sleeping through the night for about three weeks now which is LOVELY. Matt and I sleep much more now than we have in several months. We only get up to check Abby, and I'm so glad. Grant does arise earlier than anyone in the house...even before me I'm ashamed to say. I used to be so good at getting up early, but I've just been so tired for several months now. Pregnancy and then actually caring for four kids has finally caught up with me!

Ali Kate Update:
For all of her efforts to be like her big sisters, Ali Kate decided there's one part of big girl life that she doesn't like: having her toe nails painted. This morning we all had manicures and pedicures (well, the girls that is), and of course Al wanted hers done too. Well, as soon as her nail polish had dried, she started complaining, "No like it. No like it." I got a baby wipe and "wiped" it off, but she's smarter than that. She continued to sit down and put her toes in the air toward my face so that I would see that there was still polish on them. She hated it! Of course, Abby and Isabella loved theirs. I was genuinely surprised that Ali Kate didn't like this. I have done her pedicure once before, and she loved it. Secretly, I'm glad that she wants to still be a baby in some ways because she's grown up way too fast having two big sisters to emulate all the time. She'd rather play Strawberry Cupcake (her word for Strawberry Shortcake) or Barbie than building blocks or wooden puzzles. She's traded in shape sorters for My Little Pony. But she's still Mama's little baby girl. Even though she's not little by any means, Miss 2T!

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