Thursday, December 6, 2007

Baby Update

Yesterday I went to the doctor. I'm 15 weeks along now. Isn't this pregnancy starting to fly by? The heartbeat was in the 160s. Great! Dr. Peeler said all looked well, and we'll do our big ultrasound on Ali Kate's birthday. That will be a big day around here. Her first birthday and the day we've all been waiting for. Girl number four or boy number one? I do have to say that we both kind of want a boy this time. We'd love another girl, but we both have wanted at least one son.

I saw the results of my 3 hour glucola test. My sugars were beautiful. Perfect numbers that I wish Abby could have every day. That drink would have sent her to 400, I promise. Thank God that my pancurious (as Abby calls it) works perfectly.

Anyway, the visit was quick and non-eventful. That's usually good news. I didn't gain any weight this month....even better news. Gotta save room to pack it on at the end....right, Ali

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