Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What a day!

I'm about to scream. Today has been one of those preschool days 100%. It started at 5 am when the girls (all 3) decided to wake up and scream for no reason (at least not one apparent to us). Matt fed Ali Kate a bottle....that's all she needs to get back to sleep. Abby drifted back off on her own, and I was up with Isabella until 6:30 trying to get her back to sleep. Doesn't it seem crazy to be trying to get her to sleep in the morning? Anyway, I am usually up by 6:30....well, I didn't get to bed till after midnight since I was working on our MOMS gifts. So I was not about to approach today with only 5 hours. And, for some reason, I was extremely nauseated at 5. That's why Matt got up with the baby. I had these weird notions that it was nausea from pregnancy. (I couldn't think of any other reason I was nauseous.) Well, I guess we'll see in a week or so.

Anyway, we went on through our day with Isabella in full force. Temper tantrums, screaming, hair pulling, spilling drinks, banging things on the kitchen table, pouring her peas onto the table at dinner and laughing about it, having a total meltdown at a friend's house when she couldn't have the pink dress-up shoes (She was already wearing their purple ones!), etc.

On top of that, Ali Kate was just plain fussy. That is not her temperament at all. She is almost always the most complacent, happy, giggly baby. But not today. Maybe she could sense the stress. She screamed unless I held her.

Abby was whiny all day long. She was low at lunch which can make you moody. Tonight she didn't want to eat her dinner, clean up her toys, take a bath, obey anything. She of course didn't want to share anything at all with her sisters. She also knocked Isabella down in the kitchen and produced some major drama.

Today was supposed to be a major "work on the house" day because it needed it. Instead it was a "serve as a referee" day. That's the hardest part about having three this little. I feel more like their manager than their mother so often. It's very hard and takes lots of work to get good quality time, especially individual time, with them. There is just so much to do....and they create more work by the minute.

Anyway, I usually write only about the good. And I do have a couple of entries in my mind that I'd like to do. But I think I needed to vent for therapeutic reasons tonight. My mind is cluttered, and so is my house. I don't function well in clutter! I am so Type A it's scary. On an even funnier note, we got a newsletter from the Honors College at Ole Miss that featured people from our class since it's the 10th anniversary of the inaugural class. Anyway, I thought, "They'd never be interested in featuring a stay-at-home mom....the only people featured were "making it big in the world"." I know that is from Satan, but sometimes it is so hard when you work all day every day with your kids and they act like they did today. I know that my fulfillment is not to come from them, and that's what I have to keep telling myself. I just felt like I'm doing it all wrong today.


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