Thursday, September 20, 2007

Today's a Brighter Day the drama and trauma of yesterday have worn off. We have had a much better day so far, probably in part because we've been in church all morning. It was wonderful to be sitting under Jean today. I needed to hear that someone out there knew how tired and overstressed I am. She is always such an encouragement. Her words were fitting as always.

Abby went on a nature walk at church and came home with a paper sack of leaves and flowers. She was so proud as she showed us her treasures of things that God had made. I was excited that her teacher took the time to teach them rather than just babysit them during the childcare time. Abby really enjoyed picking the flowers.

I don't really know what Isabella and Ali Kate did today....they were happy when I picked them up though. So I guess they had a good time. Isabella doesn't know any of the kids in her class, and I don't know whether she likes it or not. It's hard to tell at this age.

We had a great group at MOMS today. It was so sweet to hear first-time moms talk about their new babies and about how they love being moms. I need to hear that as a mom who is in the trenches with three tiny ones. Life is very different with one than with three. I have been in both spots. I wouldn't trade this spot in a million years, but I'd love the pace of having just one baby sometimes. Life is very fast at our house!

Anyway, I folded 3 loads of laundry when I laid them down. Now it's off to put those clothes away and tackle some more! Woo hoo! As your family multiplies, so does the laundry.

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