Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Stage 3

Ali Kate just ate her first Stage 3 food, and she wasn't too thrilled. I gave her about 1/2 a jar of the Macaroni and Cheese dinner, and she was less than excited about this new taste. Last week I did let her have some real sweet peas that I smashed in my fingers before serving. She lappedd those things up! She's a sweet pea fan for sure. We still haven't ventured into Gerber Puff and Cheerio land....I know I had the other two on those already, but I'm just not ready to make her a "big girl" yet. Same thing goes for the sippy cup. I'm just not ready to admit that she's not a little baby anymore. (You would think the 12 mo. clothes on her 22+ pound frame would have persuaded me a bit already, but they haven't.)

Anyway, she is growing up too fast already. In four months, we'll be singing "Happy Birthday" to her. Is this why I always get pregnant in time for the 1st birthday? Do I really long for little babies that much?!?

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