Saturday, October 11, 2008

Things They Say

Some of the memorable things my kiddos have said in recent days....


While I'm driving the other day, Abby and Isabella were fighting the entire time. With them being on the third row, there isn't much I can do besides offer instruction and encouragement. At some point, I'd just stopped talking because it wasn't helping. Before I knew it, I heard Abby say, "Isabella, you were born in a stable." Trying to make this a positive moment, I said, "Do you mean like Baby Jesus was born in a stable?" Abby retorted back quickly, "No, I mean like animals are born in a stable."

Another day within the last two weeks we were in the car and Isabella was singing "She comes from Alabama with a banjo on her knee" over and over and over and over. You get the point. That was all she knew...and she was singing so loudly! Abby looks over at her and says, " I wish I had some earmuffs so that I didn't have to hear you." I could barely contain my laughter. Isabella....well, she just sang louder.

Ali Kate:

"I hongey"---I'm hungry
"I no lika da bloomers"--I don't like the bloomers (She said this when I was dressing her the other day and told her she was going to wear a dress....I didn't even mention the bloomers. She just knew.)
"No like that"
"Strawberry Cupcake"---Strawberry Shortcake
"Woo hoo"- She shouts this when I tell her it's time to eat! She's an eater if you can't tell.

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