Friday, October 24, 2008

Clowns and Snowflakes

Tonight I took the girls for their Nutcracker pictures. We had a very rough afternoon with crying babies, fussy toddlers, and just bad attitudes all around (including mine)....I did apologize to the kids for being a mean mommy this afternoon. Anyway, we managed to get hair done and ballet clothes on to go the studio. I asked the girls to grab their ballet shoes, and I guess I assumed they had them. Needless to say, we were in the studio before I realized that we didn't have any ballet shoes. Thankfully, Jill said it was no problem and just re-arranged their shot to hide their feet.

Isabella is a clown this year, and boy does she fit the part! She was too hilarious in her unitard and accessories. They really make these clowns over the top! It's so cute! Abby is a sophisticated snowflake with a light blue tutu,an adorable headband, and a "Miss America style" snowflake sash. She was delighted at her appearance when she got dressed up. They took their photo together to save us money (I'm so frugal on some things), and it'll be a hoot to see.

The performance is coming soon, and Abby is getting nervous. She asks lots of questions about what I did when I was in performances and about what will happen if she makes a mistake. She keeps saying that she needs to practice, but she always says she can't remember the moves to practice. She does them well in class....maybe she needs the music to help her along. It's so sweet watching her grow up and start to think about things like that. I got great seats for both peformances, so I'll be cheering them on! I can't wait.

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hannah said...

Hey, Wendy. I didn't know you had a blog. I'm adding you to my blogroll and I'll be sure to keep up with you from now on.