Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pirates and Princesses...and a gold star for Daddy

Today Matt asked me to pick up some treasure chest goodies when I went on my massive Target run ($200 for necessities....I almost croaked...that's what diapers, pullups, a car seat, formula, and a few other odds and ends adds up to really fast!)....I digress. Anyway, Matt drew a treasure map of our backyard. He hid the treasure in 3spots, one for each girl. Abby led the crew of pirates as they deciphered the map to find their hidden treasure. She actually understood his map very quickly, and let me say that it was not a preschool-level map. It took them about 10 minutes to find all of the treasures. Abby's was hanging from the roof of their clubhouse, so she had a hard time spotting it. The other two were easier. The girls loved the hunt and of course the treasure of jewels. Their treasure hunt then got their creative juices flowing. They came back inside, and we did princess makeovers to go with their new jewels. Everyone including Ali Kate got makeup and a new hairdo. They of course wore their royal gowns. I announced them all as they made their grand entrances into the living room. We played classical music for their royal ball. Such a fun afternoon. I wish I had pictures, but I was so caught up in participating that I didn't get a chance to grab my camera.

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