Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Before and After

So I would desperately love to show you a "before and after" of me losing 60 pounds! But that's still being worked on....only 10 lost so far. So instead I'll share these pictures that my 5 year old took before I finished mowing the yard and after I finished. Matt has been SO busy lately, so one day a couple of weeks ago I decided that the best way I could show love to him was to mow the yard for him. The kids stood in the shade on this VERY HOT day and ate popsicles while I mowed the front. What should have taken 25 minutes took over an hour since I had to stop and be the popsicle police several times. I also learned how to bag the grass, restart the engine, and add gas.... several phone calls to Matt later I did finish the job.

And afterward, I got out the hose and sprayed it straight upward so that I would be soaked. It was at leat 95 that day. I'm sure the neighbors and passersby thought I was insane, but that water was so so necessary!
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Ashley said...


Staci said...

Small world - I keep up with Polka Dot Mom and was brought to your site. I saw the pics. of the spray park and thought "that is Johnson Spray Park"...sure enough saw where you live in MS....I live in Collierville. I've seen some of your products b4 - the lunchboxes are adorable!
Nice to "meet" you! Staci

Wendy said...

You got it right, Staci! That was sadly our first time this summer to go...we go every summer but just haven't made it until last week this year.

I didn't realize I was on Polka Dot mom until you posted this....she did a great article. Yay! Maybe I'll meet you one day at a show somewhere near!