Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Tour of Homes


Welcome to our home! I've never done this tour before, but I saw it on my friend Lauren's blog and thought it'd be fun to join. Come on in. On our front door is this beautiful teardrop that I purchased at one of my favorite home decor stores. I had a similar one for fall, and I just had to have a Christmas one.


Isn't this whimsical tree just oh so cute? I found this at Ms. Punkins, a new little store in Olive Branch that has great home decor and gift ideas. I love polka dots and fun, whimsical decor.


This picture frame I made myself. After seeing similar ones in shops, I tapped into my creative side to manufacture several of these for Christmas gifts. My little man makes this pic! The ones I gave as gifts had Scripture instead of photos.


We decided to go with bright, mixed colors on our tree and centerpiece this year. I looked high and low for a new, sophisticated centerpiece that I liked...and I never found one. So we got this fun, crazy one. And it fits our zany family!

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With four kids ages five and under, life is bright and lively. Our mantel with its bright colors reflects that too! I can't believe we have so many stockings. I remember when it was just two.


Isn't our tree gigantic? It makes Abby look tiny! We had so much fun decorating this tree....everyone except our little man who slept the entire time.


Here's the nativity that my mom bought for us a couple of years ago. I love its simplicity. The girls love to play with it and bring the wise men to baby Jesus. They also love to hide baby Jesus for some reason!


Our countdown calendar....Abby is the only one who notices this, but she is 100% committed to counting down the days until Christmas. She never misses a day.

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renaeterrell said...

Wendy, is that you? I have looked at your blog several times and I have not put it together that this YOU. Your blog is beautiful and your family...well they are darling.

You are one of the few blogs of people I actually KNOW! How fun. I hope you and your family have a glorious Christmas! Blessings. jean

renaeterrell said...

Wendy-I am using Craig's laptop and somehow I have got myself logged in under Ray's name. Sorry about that. Ray does ALOT for me but she is not writing this.

Jill @ Live Laugh Blog said...

Love the frame you made! Super cute!

And our baby Jesus always goes missing as well!

Tom said...

I love all your bold and bright colors-not just sticking with the basic red and green. Very cute and good job on the frame! ( I also love the black and white background of your blog!). Merry Christmas!
Candice at

Ami said...

Great decorations! I love the centerpiece, too! It reminds me of a wreath that neighbors of my grandparents had out every year. Huge, and made entirely of glass ball ornaments like that.

Marci said...

Very Pretty! Love the frame.

laurenbusbee said...

Oh, Wendy, I am so glad you did a tour. I love your fun, whimsical decorations. And all of those stockings. Just too precious to see how your family has grown and how much the Lord has blessed you and Matt! I LOVE the tree. It's so full and REAL (we've fallen into the fake tree's horrible I know!). I hope your family has a very merry and blessed Christmas!!