Monday, December 1, 2008

Red Light for this Sweet Face?

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I experienced for the first time today what mothers have experienced for dozens of years. My sweet Isabella got her first red light at school today. When I picked her up, her teacher very kindly told me that she'd had some problems with Isabella screaming and making sounds during lesson time. She said that she corrected her several times and finally had to put my baby in time out. That is a new experience. I've never had a teacher put my children in time out before (at least I don't know about it if they have). She said that every time that Isabella started screaming the other kids followed suit. I can only imagine.

Mrs. Bettie tried to make me feel better by suggesting that it may be hard for Isabella since there are so many wild boys in her class. Let me just say that I'm sure that Isabella is the instigator. She usually starts these things. I then shared with her teacher how Isabella is very tender and sweet but definitely a handful. I'm actually surprised that this is her first red probably won't be her last. I have been so surprised that Bella has been so well-behaved for so long. She was very upset about the red light though and talked about it for at least an hour today. She promised that she and her friend Chloe could get green lights together Wednesday. That a girl! Look on the bright side!


Ashley said...

Aww! I hope she got a green light today!

jennifer... said...

Hey Wendy, I'm so glad you're blogging so I can keep up with you!  I love this about Isabella...