Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ali Kate- Hooray!

I haven't written much about Ali Kate yet. Last week she mastered her new skill of clapping. I don't remember the girls ever clapping so enthusiastically. She just lights up and grins (with drool running out of her mouth) as she claps over and over again. I think she's secretly proud of her new feat. We're proud of her. And I haven't written yet about it...but her first word is officially "mama." She's been saying it for about a month now, and it's the only recognizable language that she has. She babbles some, but her "mama" is very clear. It tickles my ears to hear her say "mama." She's working on that baby move where they go from sitting up to laying on their bellies. I keep putting toys farther and farther away from her so that she has to reach farther and end up on her tummy. That skill seemed to be a prerequisite for the other two learning to crawl. She's not interested in moving yet. Isabella was rolling across the entire house at this age, but Ali Kate just rolls back and forth within a 4 foot area. I don't think she's interested in what's far away.

She just got over a yucky case of bronchiolitis a couple of weeks ago. She was miserable, and of course the albuterol she took made her scream non-stop. We took her off quickly. She's doing great now. Hopefully she'll avoid that the rest of the season.

She got her flu shot today, and she barely whimpered. She did great (unlike her big sister Abby who kicked and screamed for dear life). Isabella did great too...not one single cry. Isabella heard us tell Abby that we had to do it in the leg to get it in the muscle. So when she got on the table, she said, "I have muscle." She repeated that for the next half hour. I guess her "muscle" (translated chunky legs) helped it not hurt so much!

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