Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Miss My Blog :)

Several friends lately have either started blogs or have been sharing theirs...and frankly, I've begun to miss mine! I started this blog a while back when I realized that I just couldn't keep up with journaling or scrapbooking to hold our family memories. I do still scrapbook four or five times a year, but I haven't journaled in ages. When Abby and Isabella were small, I'd pore over a journal and write them the sweetest love letters while they napped...seriously I did. When Ali Kate came along, she got a few letters...and I don't believe I ever even bought a journal for Grant. People have joked that by the 3rd child they're lucky if Mom even has newborn photos of them. There's some wisdom in that! Especially if you have all 3 kids in just 3 years.

Needless to say, time has flown by over the last 3 years...and we are now a very different household than we were when I started blogging and stopped journaling. We've truly moved into the next phase of family life, and I really want to journal about this transition. To be honest, I've gone kicking and screaming into this phase because I absolutely loved being at home all day with my four little, tiny babies with no other cares in the world. For five years, I stayed home and just took care of my babies. Obviously, we did much in our days....but I had no schedule to keep, carpool to run, lunches to pack, homework to do, tickets to buy, game schedules to remember, playdates to shuttle, swim lessons to attend... our days were spent at home, at the park, having picnics, reading books, coloring, playing ball. We still do alot of those things, but those sweet "slow down" moments as I like to call them are few and far between. I've been hanging onto those memories for a while now. But last week at church I read a verse (which of course I can't recall exactly this precise moment) that said that it is foolish to look upon what we had in the past. I'll have to find the exact verse. This past year I've been trying to hold onto the slow pace of the past five years only to realize that it's really time to embrace and move into the "school years" as I'm going to have 2 kids in school in just a few weeks. Wow!

That said, I'm so excited to open this blog back up and to share/record the transition that our family is making as we move into this new stage of life. I already have so much that I want to journal about this past I know there's going to be alot of "rewind" time as I go back over this past year. Yay!


laurenbusbee said...

So glad to have you back!!! I've missed keeping up with your sweet family. Our little Frances (our last unless the Lord has other plans for us!!!) is turning one in less than two weeks, and I'm already mourning my baby getting older! It didn't sink in when my twins were so little but all those times Jean reminded us that we are letting go almost as soon as we are given these sweet babies are ringing so true these days. Walker and Kathryn will celebrate the big 5 soon. We are delaying Kindergarten for a year, which is music to this momma's ears, but they are still such big boys and girls now. Looking forward to more from you and your family. You know you have always been one of my favorite mommy's!! Keep up the good work!

Aix said...

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