Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday...Toddlers and Preschool Prep

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This year we took a big leap when we had to get 3 of our 4 little, tiny kids ready for preschool and Bible study 3 mornings a week. So what works for us? Prep, prep, prep. Now...let me confess that I'm not always as prepared as I am tonight. Yay for me tonight though. Now I can sleep till 6:30 tomorrow morning unless our little guy decides to wake up before the sun does. Seriously. He will.

We're the king and queen of assembly lines here at our house! Matt and I are both of the thought that if we can streamline as much as possible, then life will be easier. And with four kids ages 1, 2, 4, and 5, we're right on this one thing for sure!

Here are the girls' clothes and shoes all laid out already for tomorrow...did I cheat a little this time? Yeah. I went shopping today and got them all matching outfits that they're going to wear tomorrow. So I didn't have to do any real work to pull this together. We've got panties, socks, shoes, outfits, and matching bows ready to go! I really do try to get these things laid out in the kitchen at night so that in the mornings they can get dressed right before breakfast in peace. My morning goal? To enjoy them before I take them to preschool. I want them to be happy and ready for fun!

While this looks like a huge mess, it's actually most of the bags we'll need for tomorrow. We've got 3 lunches, 3 backpacks, 1 diabetes care bag, and 2 nap mats. Nap mats aren't even shown here (they're on the floor). I've already packed their lunches...and take a guess...they're all the same food. Sometimes I'll sneak a small sweet into Isabella or Ali Kate's but otherwise all 3 are the same for my sanity and simplicity. PBJ, PBJ, PBJ. Banana, banana, banana. Cheetos, cheetos, cheetos. There's something nice about doing things exactly the same. Of course I vary it from time to time to make them feel special or give them their individual favorite treats but usually it's the same as their sisters.

And while I didn't do it tonight, last night I actually fixed everyone's breakfast and poured their sippy cups (leaving them in the fridge of course) so that this morning would go smoothly. It's very hard getting all of them out of the house fed, cleaned, and looking cute...and most importantly keeping my testimony intact as I love on them before they start their days...without getting everything done the night before. Pack lunches, fix breakfast, lay out clothes.

Oh, and one more thing....I lay out clothes and shoes from youngest to oldest, left to right to keep things straight. Especially since my 3 girls are almost the same sizes. I do the same when folding their laundry. Left to right...works like a charm!


Lori at The Davidson Den said...

I'm in from Works For ME...and oh. You are good. I have four, too. (though not the same ages as yours!!) I must admit I have become quite lazy about getting those preparatory things done...and as a result, I DON'T enjoy my kids on days we have to rush like that. It's pure bedlam...and it's all my fault. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Jean Stockdale said...

You do a great job organizing your little flock. Obviously this makes things go more smoothly. I would like for you to write a post for my blog on this topic. It would be a great one.

Thanks for the comment on my bday gift from Mr. Stockdale. I love it too.It is from a little shop in Arlington on the Square called C'leste I think is the name.It is across the street from Classic Trends and the barbar shop. You can pick any letters to spell any word and they have a few pictures to add.T hen you hang it on crystal pegs (like old drawer pulls). I saw it months ago and had a fit about it. I was surprised he remembered it. It is one of my most favorite gifts I have ever gotten. I am anxious to hang it but now cant decide where to put it!

Hope all is well at your home and that you are feeling better. Blessings.