Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tree Pickin'


Yesterday was a family Christmas day. I spent all of Friday shopping and taking advantage of 50% off sales for our clothes, so we set aside yesterday to spend the entire day together. We started the day out with a trip to Target for a new tree stand and some fun Christmas tree decor. Then we headed off to get haircuts for all the girls (me included). We came home for lunch and then headed back out to grab two pairs of jeans for Mom and some more tree decor from a second Target. Finally we were off to pick our tree. We went to a church in Olive Branch that we'd bought from in the past. They had the prettiest trees this year. We had a hard time picking our favorite. We bought an 8 foot tree that was full and healthy. The girls weren't as interested as we thought they'd be, but we still had fun. We came home and rearranged our furniture to put the tree in the perfect spot. That tree is gigantic. It's about twice the size we thought it was in the lot. Matt and I were shocked....we said that it must have gained weight on the ride home!

We had a nice, quiet evening decorating the tree with ornaments new and old. We enjoyed some Christmas cookies and music while we decorated. The girls gave out about 8:00, so Matt and I stayed up late to finish the rest of the decorations. Everything looks great. Ali Kate is really getting into Christmas this's too cute. She took her Rudolph to church today and played with it all day long. She was thrilled to wear her reindeer pjs last night for the first time. Isabella is still holding out for us to get some outdoor decorations...that's what floats her boat. Abby is all about the gifts and making sure that we celebrate Jesus' birthday....and Grant of course has no clue about any of it.
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