Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ali Kate's a Smart Kiddo

Tonight I got the privilege of taking Ali Kate to Kindermusik in lieu of Isabella (who is currently at her Pawpaw Darrell's house). Ali Kate had a tremendously great time. She looked as if she had been in the class all semester. She participated in every activity to the best of her ability, and she followed Ms. Courtney's cues during class. She loved the dancing and movement, but her very favorite was the instrument time. She loved to shake her maracas with wild abandon, and she beat the egg shakers with great enthusiasm. This was her very first mommy and me type class, and we had a blast together. I think we may have to sign up for a class this fall on a weekend morning or while the girls are at preschool. It was awesome to have this hour with just Ali Kate.

Ali Kate's vocabulary is growing quickly too... Abby is constantly teaching her new words every day. She's begun to string words together and putting together 3-4 word phrases like "Move it, Abby" and "Wanna a sticka" (this last one she said at the end of class tonight). She's putting her thoughts into cohesive units, and it's incredible to watch her mind work. Ali Kate is also a very compliant child at this point in her life. That may totally change soon, but she loves to obey and please me every day. She follows simple commands such as "bring me your cup" or "get into your car seat." I'm amazed at how she so compliantly does these things. It was not that way with her big sisters!

Anyway, I wanted to remember how much fun we had tonight. I'm impressed with how my big girl is growing and learning every day!

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